Brushing with Colgate Total* is one simple step you can incorporate into your daily routine to help keep your mouth healthy, and it can have a positive effect on your overall health.

It’s Canadian Dental Association recognized to help prevent gingivitis.

  • Fights germs for 12 hours
  • In 24 hours starts to fortify enamel
  • In 4 weeks helps improve gum health

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Use our Product Finder to discover the toothpaste that’s right for you. Colgate Total* is a multi-benefit toothpaste that strengthens enamel§, protects against tartar build-up and so much more.

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Colgate Total* Mouthwash

Colgate Total* Mouthwash

Colgate* 360°* Manual Toothbrush

Colgate* 360°* Manual Toothbrush

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Colgate Total* toothpaste delivers an advanced formula that actually helps improve mouth health¥ simply by brushing.

Colgate Total* Advanced Health

Colgate Total*

† Fights germs that cause plaque & gingivitis.

‡ Results improve with continued twice daily use, shown in 6 month clinical studies.

§ Reinforces enamel by rebuilding weak spots.

¥ By fighting cavities, plaque and gingivitis when used together. Results improve with continued use.

£ Based upon 6 week clinical data